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A cocktail against the backdrop of one of Sydney’s most iconic views. Interiors to a tee by one of Australia’s best creatives, Sibella Court. A boutique hotel with over 100 years of sordid history and a menu designed by Brendan Fong. Hotel Palisade is really like your perfect date, ticking every box and some. But there’s one more magical tribute to this venue that makes it ‘extra spesh’ and an absolute must – the team.

Just try not to have a good time with these great gals you’ll want to call pals. Meet some of the team from Hotel Palisade.


Ever go to dinner or for drinks and strike up such a great rapport with one of the staff that you’re like “did we just become best friends” and then you just want them to pull up a chair and sink a few cocktails with you and maybe get matching bracelets? Yeah, me too. And that’s basically Nat in a nutshell.

Having worked for Merivale for six years, Nat knows hospitality and she knows people, managing venues and running projects is her jam. As venue manager, Nat runs everything from design, to managing tradies and build, to food and drink, meaning the venue is personal and close to home for her.

“This place is like a family, I’ve been here since the beginning. We have this fully autonomous team and everyone’s here because they want to be, they’re invested. Ultimately, we created the venue that we want to drink, eat and stay in. It all comes from us and our vision.”

As the face that will greet you, run you through your stay or your dinner and drinks, you can’t get a more bubbly, bright and funny person than Nat. “I’m Lebanese – we are just people persons. In our home you get fed, hydrated and entertained. I guess that just comes naturally to me, this is our home.”

And she’ll do everything she can to make you feel comfortable. “If I can take someone’s day from a 6 to a 9 just by the way I talk to them, treat them and by making them feel comfortable. Of course, I’m going to do that.”

Nat’s advice on how to get the most out of your Hotel Palisade experience: Come in on a Sunday – the buzz is still great here during lunch. You’re able to get a table, the DJs are spinning tunes. Grab a tiki drink, have oysters, get the sunset, have an early dinner. It’s the perfect day.


Show me someone with more sass and confidence than Laura Persiani and I’ll show you a liar – she was even featured in our Sydney’s 10 Most Charismatic Bartenders just to prove it.

“I’m 25, from Italy, and feel I have achieved a lot for myself in a short amount of time. When I found this job I didn’t even know if i wanted to stay here in Australia – I’d just finished my working visa then I got this job and thought I’d stay for a little while – now it’s been three years.”

Laura possesses all the Italian animation you’d expect her to when serving you at the bar, or just having a general chat. From the ‘Caio darlings’ to the exuberant service – it truly seems to add another exciting layer to your experience.

She’s 100% committed and passionate about what she does and her cocktail list is like something from a fruity, pastel dream.

“The venue brings you into another reality – of bright, colourful tones and the drinks mirror that – it really puts you in a good mood. Plus, I love this bar and feel very personally about it, I was part of the opening team – so every time we get a success I feel a personal success. The main reason I love this place, is because I feel a part of it.”

Laura’s advice for a great experience at Hotel Palisade: I love the oysters here, they’re always so fresh, the octopus, the lamb is unbelievable it’s so juicy and delicious. Of course, the cocktails are affordable and we keep it simple. Try the Trumped up Sour or the Yuzu Fizz.
Hotel Palisade arguably has one of the best views in Sydney, that’s a given, just ask instagram. But, from where we’re sitting (always at the bar) the real value is in the people. Make sure to go say hi to Nat and Laura the next time you drop by.

Hotel Palisade: 35 Bettington St, Millers Point NSW 2000

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