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Here are the six best podcasts to keep your inspiration high, and your determination solid.

As a chef, you are known for living and breathing your craft, committing an astounding amount of hours to your profession. So, how can you break up the hours and give yourself a well-earned time out? By taking a seat and listening to podcasts, my friends, that’s how. From tricks of the trade with culinary greats, to history deep-dives, here are the six best podcasts to keep your inspiration high, and your determination solid.

Talking Chefs

If you find yourself craving a nice pot of inspiration, Talking Chefs is the podcast you’d probably love to listen to. Host, Rob Galliford, centres the podcast around noteworthy chefs, particularly regarding how their career came to fruition. This is a real ‘started from’ series that covers moments definitive to any great success story. Their questionable decisions, losses and techniques that ultimately lead to their beliefs and principals within the industry. You’ll even get to gain a sneaky insight on the resources and people that helped (or hindered) their achievements.

Burnt Toast

Michael Harlan Turkell brings you an array of aspects about the communities and the food culture they hold, in his podcast, Burnt Toast. As it turns out, the food we eat on the regular often has a past we never see coming, which is something Michael aims to explore and share. You’ll also get to hear from the amazing individuals that have helped shape the food industry’s past, and of course those who are sculpting the future. One thing is for sure, you definitely can’t go wrong with all this content offered to you in a neat little bowl.

The Pass

Who doesn’t love something home-grown? The Pass, born and bred in Australia, has become one of the nation’s most popular podcasts (their first season hit number 1 on iTunes just fyi.) Magdalena Roze, presenter and mimosa lover, uses the podcast to map out extensive guides to all experiences food related. The ‘little black book’ vibe is exactly what they’re going for, and you can bet your best knives that we can’t get enough. From globally respected chefs to food writers, all the need-to-know dishes, places and individual foody quirks will be revealed straight from the horse’s mouth.

Spilled Milk

What tastes even better with food? Witty quips and comedy, that’s what. Spilled Milk combines our love of both entities, creating a wonderful mix of listening enjoyment. Writer/ comedian duo Molly Wizenberg (what a last name, though) and Matthew Amster-Burton are your hosts of hilarity. Their goal is to kick their podcasts off with a simple food-related topic, from good old squash to the ever-lovable apple. From there they aim to take the subject matter as far as they can possibly take it (so you know it’ll be a good time.)

Beyond The Plate

Want to deep-dive into the minds of the industry’s culinary elite? Well Beyond The Plate should now be your first choice. Andrew Kaplan, the podcast’s host, converses with the world’s renowned, culinary masters, picking their brains about the paths they took to reach success. You’ll also get to hear about the steps they’ve taken to make a beneficial impact within their community. There’s no doubt that you’ll feel part of something bigger.


Hell yeah for history, and a double hell yeah for lady science, herself. If you find yourself nerding out over the intricacies of food, you need to download Gastropod immediately. Hosts Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley focus on revealing the surprising sciences behind different foods and the history revolving around them. You’ll also hear interviews with experts while they take trips to visit labs, and venture off on archaeological digs. And yes, let us just mention again that all of these antics are food related. Who even knew all these components could be combined? This is a great twist on uncovering the extensive history of the food we eat and food science. Of course, none of us are complaining though. To quote our old mate (taco toddler) from the El Paso commercial, “porque no los dos?


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Image source: @thepassau instagram


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