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Coffee is so versatile and each make can provide you with its own vibe and story. It has personality, just like human beings do. At this point you’re probably thinking, “is she drunk?” “Can she hear colours?” No, unfortunately not, I just bloody love my coffee.

Pour-over coffee is the meticulous individual whose patience is something akin to a mother of three. The cappuccino is the friend who, no matter what, always has your back. They’re ever faithful, but not strong enough to make you re-evaluate your life when it’s needed.

Bitter instant coffee is like that kid in high school who’s a bit of a dick, but nonetheless you hang out with them because they make you hate yourself less. You’d snort it if it meant your deathly hangover would ebb and you’d stop feeling like a husk of yourself. See what I mean about personality?

Granted, I don’t know jack about the logistics of coffee. But I can admit that I’m a bit (very) addicted. We, as crazed coffee junkies, have been blessed with the fact that there are many a podcast dedicated to delving deeper into the craft. So, without further ado, start frothing because here they are.

#1 I Brew My Own Coffee

This podcast is hosted by two blokes, both of whom are called Brian (cute or weird, you decide.) They’re bringing you that homebrew goodness we all crave when we’re trying to stretch our paycheck, or feel like we’re above drinking the instant coffee of the common folk. The co-hosts don’t inundate you with drivel, rather, they make it entertaining and easy to drink up (hah. Haha.) Keeping it relevant, they interview the industry greats in all their caffeinated glory. They also discuss the ever-popular Pour-over and Aeropress coffee trend. Meaning you can go from ignorance and bitterness, to slightly less ignorance and better tasting coffee.

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#2 Tamper Tantrum

As podcasts go, I think this one definitely has the nicest ring to it. Very toddler-esk. When you search for it on Google, you’ll find the slogan, Coffee + Geekery + Soapbox. If that doesn’t sound like a good time to you, I’d obviously prefer it that we weren’t friends. Tamper Tantrum is the podcast to listen to if, like me, you have way too many free-flowing opinions on things. Steve and Colin, said geeks, focus on sourcing personal views, data and a range of coffee theories to present as debating material.

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#3 Stone Creek Coffee

This podcast is perfect for those who have not yet been deflowered by specialty coffee and the addiction that follows. And no, I don’t have any regrets about the use of ‘deflowered’ in this context. Hosts Drew and Christian do all the heavy lifting for you, taking dense coffee topics and morphing them into content that’s doesn’t leave you feeling like you’ve been hit with a book. Ideal if you want to know more than your hipster mate and don’t know where to start.

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#4 Roast And Reason

I don’t think there has ever been a day lived where I’ve gone and said, “gee wiz, I’m really craving a steaming cup of instant coffee.” Have I gone and drunk it anyway though? Yep. Why? Because I had no idea how to make coffee that doesn’t cause me to cringe so hard that my neck disappears into my shoulders. Roast and Reason is the solution to warped taste pallets and disappearing necks. This podcast covers all the basics like making the best home coffee, and picking the right beans from the store. You’ll also get to hear the side of the farmers, roasters and baristas, just to make you a more well-rounded person.

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#5 Cat And Cloud

Cat and Cloud is meant more for those who don’t suck at the intricacies of coffee, aiming their content towards those who work in the industry. Of course, podcasts don’t discriminate, you may just want to be a know it all and listen to it anyway, I don’t know. This one is great if you work in a coffee shop yourself, as hosts Chris and Jared are professional baristas with heaps of sneaky insights.

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#6 The Coffee Podcast

This podcast is more specific to the chain process of coffee production, rather than one component of coffee. So, whoever is involved with bringing the liquid gold to our doorsteps, Jesse makes sure they all get a mention. This one is also great because Jesse delves into the ethical issues faced in coffee production. At a time where we consume so much, there’s nothing wrong with knowing about the hard work that’s put into the product. It may also make us appreciate it all the more.

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#7 Cold Brew Chick

Rachel kills it with her personality and honesty. She takes the more relaxed, blog-ish vibe which I’m definitely not mad about. The premise of the podcast, if you couldn’t gather by the title, is everything cold brew. Her love for cold brew comes from the fact that it doesn’t give her insane acid reflux. Like I said, she keeps it real.

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#8 Boss Barista

Jasper and Ashley, who host Boss Barista, like to focus more on the human nature of the coffee industry, which as an ex-psych major, makes me salivate a little bit. It delves into the experiences and hardships faced by rad men and women working in the coffee profession, which is always good to be aware of, you know? Sometimes work can be a bit of a shady experience. They chin wag about topics like discrimination, self-care (always important), even privilege and identity in coffee.

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#9 Opposites Extract

Do you have an opinion? Do you want to relive your hectic debating glory days from high school? Is coffee your morning sustenance? Yes? Welp, alright then, this ditty is made for you. The premise of Opposites Extract is diving into the trade of specialty coffee through the use of debate. So basically, it’s a bunch of people trying to outwit each other about coffee. And it’s an absolute yes from me, please and thank you.  

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#10 Coffee Sprudgecast

The word ‘sprudge’ kind of reminds me of the muddy looking, leftover coffee grinds that have had the water dispensed over them. You know, the stuff you just want to stick your finger in? Did Jordan and Zach do this on purpose? This podcast has a bit of a travel bug, being recorded from Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and loads of places in the United States. They chat to guests involved with making specialty coffee and how they go about their days. Which I’m sure are more interesting than ours.

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