How and where to have a night out on your own in Sydney

Whoever has been out with me will know by now that I’m a serial wanderer when I drink. I’m flaky and I swear to God, I have the attention span of a Labrador. I get distracted by colourful lights and pretty men that look like they’ll happily ruin my life (looking at you, guys in flannel who look like they play bass.) And when it comes to leaving, I tend to bolt so fast it’s as if I saw all my ex-boyfriends, beers in hand, bonding over how nuts I am. Drunk me is the complete antithesis of how I normally function. I crave order, I love to plan and I tend to be extremely aware of my environment. But chuck a few vodkas my way and suddenly my hindbrain has taken over, I’m dropping my ass to the floor in a dance circle, and I’ve run off with a shaggy blonde called Ryan.

I’ve never meant to have a night out on my own (I’ve only had one), but there is something pretty adventurous about it. And of course, it makes for a great story if you know how to do it right (I say, speaking like I know things.) So how does one have a night out by themselves in the Sydney big-smoke?

Go somewhere quaint and people watch

One of the best parts of being out by yourself is that the bar floor becomes the stage where the action takes place. You can people watch anywhere, but the key is to go somewhere that’s filled with dates. For example, tiny bars.. preferably with cocktails and whisky. Everyone tries to be bougie on a first date, then from there it’s all downhill.

Stitch Bar – Pic via The Food Directory.

Stitch bar and Grandma’s are a great place to start. Honestly, you want to know what’s funnier than you trying your best to flirt without looking like a moron? Watching other people trying to navigate their way through flirting, looking like a moron. Sydney is absolutely filled with eclectic characters to observe. Who doesn’t want to watch people trying to force a bond over their stupid European antics? Or watch someone down a wine like it’s water as a result of a mull in the conversation? Kick your feet up, order a bev, ogle till the cows come home and try not to get caught looking like a pervert.

Stitch Bar: 61 York St, Sydney NSW 2000

Grandma’s: Basement/275 Clarence St, Sydney NSW 2000

Go get serenaded

Pic via Bank Hotel
Pic via Bank Hotel

Everybody loves music, right? And if you say that you don’t I’ll just deem you untrustworthy. There are an abundance of little bands that play in bars to set the mood and entertain you. So, if you feel like a bit of a dit, just sitting there by yourself and refusing to up your nerd status by pulling a book out, the band will give you something to engage in. You’ll also have a point of conversation so that if you did want to talk to the cute human by the bar it’ll be a much smoother transition. I say, once again, like I know how to not look like a dickhead while talking to someone of the opposite gender.

Beer gardens are a good place to start with for decent tunes. There’s Public House in Petersham or Bank Hotel in Newtown (these guys had go-go dancers when I went there.. still not sure why.)

Public House: 292 Stanmore Rd, Petersham NSW 2049

Bank Hotel: 324 King St, Newtown NSW 2042

Venture to the whackiest place imaginable

There are so many quirky places that you can spend your time in. So weird and beyond the realm of normal, that you’ll forget you’re even out on your own. The key is to be surrounded by people from every spectrum of life who aren’t afraid to be themselves, because they’re the people who will be happy to open up and talk to you. There is a bar in Redfern called The Bearded Tit. And no, I didn’t spasm while writing that. The Bearded Tit is a legitimate establishment which has, I kid you not, a display of crocheted penis’. What the hell is better than sipping your favourite drink while adorable, phallic arts and crafts stare right at you? Absolutely nothing.

The Bearded Tit: 183 Regent St, Redfern NSW 2016

End it with a view

If you’ve somehow managed to get through the night without finding a companion to spend time with (or even if you have) end the night with a nice view. Sydney-siders have this air of cockiness about them (I don’t regret saying that), but it’s starting to rub off on me.

This city we live in is absolutely gorgeous. I froth over the harbour like people fawn over puppies or finding a Zimmerman look alike on Showpo. Sydney is swarming with harbour-side bars and rooftops filled with plants, fairy lights and alcohol.

The Glenmore via Hidden City Secrets
The Glenmore via Hidden City Secrets

The Glenmore Hotel has a beautiful rooftop view of the harbour, along with a nice breeze I recommend taking advantage of. They’ve also got a killer Espresso Martini. And of course, there’s Opera Bar. You may pay $10 for a beer, but you’re right on the water and the Insta opportunity is an unmissable bonus.

Glenmore: 96 Cumberland St, The Rocks NSW 2000

Opera Bar: Pretty obvious but – Macquarie St, Sydney NSW 2000


If you think you can convince Leisha to try her second night out on her own with your bar or venue in her direct path – get in touch with us –

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