Grab yourself a Chix Burger and meet the duo behind new, not boring, vegan brand, EZ VE.

How can we actually ban the fedora? Will instagram ever stop loving an Aperol Spritz on a hot day? Is sleeping for 14 hours a worthy trade to get rid of a hangover? There are many questions in this world I sadly don’t have answers to. But, ‘Can vegan be sexy in a sort of fashion way that doesn’t make me cringe’ is now not one of them.

Cast your eyes on the aesthetic and flavoursome pleasance of new vegan brand, EZ VE – pronounced Easy V for the hard up. Cheezeburgers with all the add ons, Popcorn Cauli, organic cola. Just look at it – a juicy food metamorphosis of a Life Without Andy party and a Shake Shack menu – just less meat and corporatisation.

Founded by two mates, Jordan Cousins and Kurt Foggo, EZ VE was created with the aim to disrupt and break the stigma of what it means to be a vegan brand in the food industry.

“The word vegan, it’s associated with hippy women, greens and browns, boring, too healthy food and the rest of the connotations. So, we wanted to shake up the industry with a simple plant based food concept with taste at its core, delivering high quality food that is avant garde in approach, looks good and appeals to everyone,” explained Jordan.

Jordan and Kurt
Jordan and Kurt

Both having similar interests in food as well as an understanding of good branding, Jordan and Kurt had wanted to press lift off on their own creation for some time. But, probably unsurprisingly and unashamedly cliche, it was a wiggle at Coachella that put it all in motion.

“We experienced some amazing plant-based/vegan food in America when we went there in April – we were having breakfast with each other after each day at Coachella, chatting and eating. Then once we got back from America, we started experimenting with food – constantly chatting about the lack of great vegan food in Australia yet such a strong food culture. From that EZ VE came about.”

Mantra ZRHQ - 7Food aside, you can’t deny the branding is appealing and damn smart if you ask me. Whether you know it or not, the majority of brands we as consumers subscribe to are the ones that intrinsically fit with our worldview – and how they sit in the story we want to tell others. How often do you walk past a vegetarian or vegan shop and turn it down because of the look of its shopfront? The EZ VE boys have a solid understanding of the importance of branding when it comes to food.

Inspired by things that are well designed, EZ VE was created to be simple and not over complex.

“We’re lovers of good food experiences, how it can bring people together, especially us as mates, and the culture of enjoying tasty food together,” says Jordan.

While EZ VE is still a side business, it certainly doesn’t just seem like a stab in the dark for the duo. Jordan works in the marketing team at Google and when he was younger worked at McDonalds for 8 years while Kurt works in concrete piling and has previously been a Crossfit Games competitor. Seems like they’ve got the right ingredients to make EZ VE more than a trend.

“First, we’re working on opening a food truck so we can travel around Australia and share the EZ VE concept with everyone. Then it’s opening up grab n go stores complimented by flagship stores.”

Until then, the best way to follow Kurt and Jordan’s EZ VE adventure is on Instagram – @EZ_VE or you you can find them popping up at the Newtown Festival – Nov 11, Sydney Vegan Markets – Nov 18 (every third Sunday of the month) and more markets, events and festivals as they come around.

Have someone we should meet? Or maybe you’d like us to come visit your venue or brand? – please email

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