Meet The People is dedicated to telling real stories about real people. It’s where we cut out all the hollow, lifeless media stuff and concentrate on what makes someone great at what they do and who they are, particularly in the hospitality industry. Here you’ll find those tiny unique details that usually sit somewhere between lunch, too many cocktails and too much information. This is where you Meet The People.


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I created Meet The People because I do believe, and have always believed, that people should be at the essence of everything we do. No more tired arse reviews about some bar and how great their recycled tractor stools are. I’m sure they’re great to some degree and probably overpriced, but no one really cares, do they? What we care about is filling those stools with interesting characters and understanding a little bit more about them. Where they came from, what cheese they like, why the f&ck they’re wearing their pants backwards?

We go to bars, restaurants, establishments to actually meet people, whether it’s for a short time, long time or a good time. That’s what this site is for; to unveil the intricacies that are more than just awards, titles and what are bound to become dusty trophies.

But, you must be wondering who the social samaritan is behind all these haha’s and general good times. Who is this person answering all my important questions in life like “is it acceptable to order three drinks for yourself at once?” and “is Falkor the Luckdragon actually real?”.

I like to think of myself as a storyteller, particularly once I’ve had a few drinks. I enjoy short walks to the bar and prefer everything to come with a pop culture reference. I’ve spent 8 years as a journalist, editor, copywriter and travelling layabout. I’ve interned and worked for Gourmet Traveller, Peats Ridge Music Festival, Drinks World Asia, Rare Birds and Nine Network Australia. I’ve written for the likes of Elite Daily, Urban List, Sydney Morning Herald, Broadsheet, Concrete Playground, Tracks Magazine, Surfing Life Magazine among others. I have a strong inclination towards spontaneous tropical getaways because… young and free. I do not dance like nobody’s watching. My opinions are sometimes tequila’s. You can probably find me elsewhere but all the good stuff is here at Meet The People.