Over the recent years, the demand (and let’s admit it, convenience) of technological advances, such as Tap and Go, has been met with a mass of availability. Everything from your coffee, your transit, beloved beer and even accommodation can be settled with a simple touch of your card. But, just as the use of tangible cash has slowly faded into the background, so has the obligation to tip.

Unfortunately, Tap and Go also means that a lack of manners and an unwillingness to reward for great service are becoming more apparent than ever (jerks). So how can we aim to keep the tip watering hole flowing and manners high in the hospo community, in a time where we’re becoming increasingly disconnected?

Choose The Tip Option On Eftpos

As it turns out, cafes and restaurants have started to implement a tipping option on their Eftpos machines (and if you haven’t done this yet – for the love of god, please do). Meaning you can give a little extra without any effort at all. It also leaves you to decide on the amount you want to tip. Remember every little bit counts, and restaurateurs will probably love you endlessly for it. Besides, are you really going to notice a couple dollars missing? You’ll probably forget and think you bought one extra coffee for that week – though we encourage you to tip a little more.

Check For Spare Change

A fair few of us still have a couple dollars floating around our wallets, and what the hell for? Let’s face it, we’ve filled our wallets to the brim with so many useless cards that we don’t even remember what we have in there anyway. Coins just add unwanted weight and as we’ve already established, convenience is what we’re chasing here. So, you see that jar on the counter? Undoubtedly, with an adorably drawn smiley face and a postit saying ‘tips jar’ or something quirky and cute? Chuck ya spare coins in there, feel lighter and brighten up your waiter’s day… and wallet.

Manners And Eye Contact Are A Thing, Remember?

Remember when mum and dad taught us to say please and thank you, smile, and be a generally lovely person all round? With the rise of tap and go comes a lack of communication, patience for one another and manners when simply paying for your bill.

If you’re making your way to pay remember this; restaurateurs work long-ass hours. You’ll see your waiter working when you’re demolishing your eggs benny and avo smash. And you bet your sweet ass you’ll probably see them back there at night, ready to serve you your dinner. It’s not hard to be a decent human being, so look at them, smile, and ask how their day is going. Remember that you can hit pause on the chat you’re having with your pals to focus 30 seconds of your time on your waiter. And those who pull the antics of staying on a phone call and not even gracing a smile, saying ‘hello’, or most of all, a ‘thank you’? Get off your phone and get in the bin.

How we choose to interact is entirely on our own shoulders. And, regardless of if you’re tapping, tipping, or choosing not to, for the love of god, respect the person who’s serving you. Please and thank you (see, easy peasy.)

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